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Coaching Philosophy:


If you’re ready to do what it takes to have a healthy, happy, and balanced life; Life Coaching is for you.


It’s that simple.


Within the Coaching Conversation, first get laser clear about what you care most about, then step by step align your actions with those values. That’s the most important piece.


The underlying foundation of a life well lived is first to get in touch with what you KNOW. When you align your actions to that, Doing what you believe in gives you a strong, solid strength to move through the challenges of life; through life’s ebbs and flows - fully alive, grounded, and fully present.


Life Coaching gives you the opportunity to get clear, make your best decisions, and set your best strategies; then to nimbly follow through to complete your most import goals and dreams.

Life Coaching is all about building your thinking skills just like you build your muscles. Bit by bit, you get stronger.

Of coarse it takes commitment, passion and courage, to discipline yourself to get what you want. Within the Coaching Relationship, you can feel the support and acceptance you need to stay on track and follow-through to achieve success.


Life Coaching is a process; it takes time: anywhere from 3 months to 2 years. As a resource, you can use Coaching off and on, over a lifetime, as a tool to guide you through a step by step process.

One step at a time, no judgment, no force; the quickest way to achieve success is to “get out of your own way” and just focus on what you want; always bringing your mind back to that. It’s a meditation on a life well lived.


Your coaching gave me a place to be present…I learned the value of using the calendar to set the time to do what needs to get done; simple accomplishment.


It was an opportunity to examine, envision, & release ties to another time that were blocking me.


Everything that I’ve envisioned, I am capable of because it’s who I am. It’s natural.

Thanks Diane…I have greatly enjoyed this journey with you.

                                                                               - MH, Portland, OR


I feel SO good about the work we did today! I am still mulling over the idea of how I “give my power away” by not considering myself and my own viewpoint -- and am sure I will be mulling this over for awhile now.

                                                                                -   AM, Portland, OR


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