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Coaching Samples

Here are a few examples of questions I might ask a client during a Life Coaching Session:

#1 Dare to dream, then make it happen!

  • Pick something you would like to be, do or have in your life?
  • What qualities will you need to develop within yourself to accomplish your goal with ease?
  • How might you nurture these qualities in yourself?
  • Who will benefit from your growth as you move towards what you want?
  • What 3 actions will you take this week to demonstrate your commitment to your goal?

#3 Defining yourself as a leader...

  • What qualities define a true leader?
  • How might you impact others as a true leader?
  • What capabilities will you need to develop in order to grow as a leader?
  • Is there anything that can stop you?
  • What can you start now to become a highly effective leader?
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