Intuitive Energy Healing (IEH) is a great way to reduce stress permantly. In fact, I'm finding that it's changing my clients' lives dramatically.


For example, one of my clients had a big project to do and was procrastinating for a year. Whenever she sat down to do it she got overwhelmed and frustrated. I suggested we have a session of IEH around the emotional "stuff" that was getting in the way, and we did.


The very next day she called me. "I'm making great progress. I just sat down for 3 hours and simply did it. It feels really good Diane, thanks."


IEH is an accupressure technique that's non-invasive (I don't need to know everything that's going on internally) and easy. People tend to feel lighter right away, then notice over the coming days how they are now thinking differently.


When I'm assisting someone to reach their goals and emotional pain gets in the way (commonly called sabotage), IEH is a great tool to release that pain and assist them to gain the wisdom of insight. Then we refocus on what they want and move on.


If you feel stuck and would like more support with this technique, contact me

What others say

"After our session I had one of the best Thanksgivings/weekends I have had in years. I feel like my internal happiness is back. It had been absent for far too long."

     - BD, Lake Oswego, OR


"I found Diane's intuitive healing techniques incredibly helpful for dealing with emotional issues from the past.  As someone who tries to approach things from a scientific perspective I could not find an explanation for why it worked, I just know that it did.  The next day I found myself saying, 'wow, how nice to not have to carry that around anymore'.  Hanging on to stuff colors your perspective of everything, but this helped me clear out all the clutter and junk that I've been hanging on to for years.  It's nice to see things from a fresh perspective again."
     - CS, Lake Oswego, OR

"The other day I woke up feeling happy! That was something new to think about rather than dealing with all my normal negative feelings and reactions."

     - JC, Mountain Park, OR