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After years of meditation, I knew there was “more” but couldn’t quite “tap into” it fully. I walked around for about a year, asking myself, “What is the energy behind this or that?” Then one day, I was in the art museum looking at a painting, and I “saw” it; the “feeling” (energy) that the artist was conveying through the physical work.


Because the paradigm of our culture is primarily rational, scientific, and material in focus, people often “write off” conversations about anything that can’t easily be measured. The truth is - our broader cultural thinking hasn’t begun to catch up with current scientific thinking such as Quantum Physics’ String Theory - and that’s about as “woo-woo” as you can get. So I suggest that “woo-woo” is a “red herring”.


One of the most powerful tools I use in my Life Coaching Practice is Energy Medicine;

I make up formulas to:

• To reduce stress and give immediate emotional support

• To quickly and deeply integrate awareness gained during a coaching session

• To spark insight and expand awareness


And for people who think it’s too “woo-woo”, I just tell them “you don’t have to believe in energy medicine for it to work. Just suspend judgment, and experience it for yourself.


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