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It’s not uncommon for one of my clients to make a statement that extends from anunresourceful belief. What I mean is; the belief itself is keeping her from getting what she wants.


For example, one of my clients said, “I always attract losers”, and she proceeded to give me some examples of men she has dated.

I asked, “What would you like to have instead?”

She said, “To attract supportive and successful man”.


I asked, “just suppose you tried an experiment, and for 1 month you played around with the belief “I attract supportive and successful men” and just see what happens?


She laughed, and said “okay. For one month I will keep repeating: I attract successful and supportive men, and see what happens.”


Sure enough, 1 month later, she reported back that she noticed 2 or 3 men that seemed successful and kind, and who showed interest in her. Then she got an “aha” moment:before, when a nice guy began a conversation with her, she blew it off as if it didn’t count. Now she was paying attention and giving it credence – and allowing herself to respond!


Did you know that it’s been shown scientifically, that whatever someone believes, they tend to notice information that backs it up?  Try it for yourself and see…


Throughout our lives we have experiences and we make conclusions about those. What we believe in one situation may have helped us then, but may not work any longer – or in another situation. Yes, we can choose what we want to believe!


The next time you catch yourself saying something that’s not resourceful, consider shifting it to something that’s more helpful and see what happens!