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For instance, we were particularly busy in my previous business. My daughter was only two weeks old when my manager quit. I was feeling overwhelmed, to say the least. I started taking Elm Flower Essence Tincture.


Over a period of two or three days, I gradually felt more energetic and happier to be at work. I felt more hopeful that I could handle the situation, and I did. I took that essence for about a month, until the “crises” was over.


Bach Flower Essence Remedies are the most widely known Energy Medicine Tinctures, and a easy place to start. Many natural food stores sell them. Just read the “purpose” definition in their brochure and take drops orally 3 or 4 times a day. The trick is to take the best remedy consistently. When you do, the results can be profound. If your choice is off, the effects can be mediocre, or not at all.


In my Coaching Practice, I formulate an array of Energy Medicine Formulas, mostly made from flowers and gems. They are generally more powerful and effective because of newer techniques of manufacture, because I choose and mix them with the art and skill of many years of experience, and because they are custom formulated.

In my next blog I’ll talk about Emotional Freedom Technique

This is #2 in a 6 part series on reducing stress


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