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Someone asked me, “What do you mean by “edge”?


I was explaining that I love to take people to the edge of “what they know” and guide them to step off into “the unknown” to gain new understanding.


So I told her a story:

One of my client’s “perfectionism” was causing her stress. I asked her, “How does your perfectionism serve you?” She said, “It’s one reason why I do such a good job.”


Then I asked, “What is the right balance between doing a great job and saying “that’s good enough?” She said, “I need to find a different approach….it’s a process…if I aim for perfectionism and do my best…I’m not God…and over time I will continue to improve…that’s good enough! Then I can let go!


That awareness - at her “edge” - enabled her to continue to do a great job, yet reduced her stress because rather than always trying to BE perfect, she saw it as a process of moving towards perfection; and she found acceptance.


Between “what we know” and “what we don’t yet know” is that “edge”, where we can explore to gain awareness.


This is what I call Expanding Consciousness. If you or a friend would like guidance and support to go to your “edge” to listen for what you need, call me, that’s what I do!