As a Career Life Coach and businesswoman, I have a particular passion to assist professional women to reach new levels of success. I do that by assisting them to get clear about what they want, and then to make it happen.


A very important piece of creating your future is to figure out how you will afford to make it happen. Financial planning is an important key. It gives you the information, tools, and power to make informed choices.


Recently, I asked Alice Tang, a highly skilled and respected Portland Financial Advisor, to answer some questions that would be useful for professional women to understand.  


When choosing a financial advisor, what should professional women be looking for?

Look for someone with experience, someone you can trust, and someone who is looking at your whole picture.


More specifically, pay attention to:

  1. Credentials & professional memberships
  2. How long the advisor has been doing this specific work
  3. Search for any possible disciplinary issues
  4. Ask for references

Always trust your Gut feeling:

  1. Are the meetings YOU-FOCUSED?
  2. Ask to see a sample Financial Plan or investment policy statement
  3. Ask about the process he or she is going to use
  4. A good advisor always wants to know what is expected of him or her.  A great advisor always shares what he or she expects of the client.  Remember it’s a two way street.
  5. Do you feel comfortable with the advisor?   If in doubt, the answer is no or later.


How do you go about helping your clients?

I spend a lot of time up front finding out about my client. I want to understand what is important to them about having enough money as well as understanding their assets, liabilities and budget.


I also consider what else outside of what I directly heard from them might impact their future.


Then comes the hard part; engaging the client to their goals and help them project in the future and feel the accomplishment. When we, the advisors, do that, the client is going to do everything they can to achieve their goals.


Part of becoming a trusted advisor is to make sure my clients’ best interests are being taken care of. When the economy is not so good, clients tend to worry more about their money and their future. That’s when I reach out to them more often to touch, update, and review with them.


Part of what we’re paid for is taking care of our clients concerns so they don’t have to worry. I’m always thinking about their success above and beyond what they might expect; going out of my way to keep in touch, surprise them with additional services, and giving them resources that they would not get from other advisors, such as presentations by an economist to address the state of our economy, quarterly events about hot topics like “Social Security”, and market updates.


Who are your best clients?

My best clients are open minded, busy women executives and business owners who were pulled in multiple directions everyday taking care of business.  They understand the importance of finance success to their overall success and yet always struggle with time and attention to it.    They wanted a trusted advisor to handle their personal finances so that they can have the PEACE OF MIND to focus on MY TIME, FAMILY TIME, BUSINESS TIME & COMMUNITY TIME etc.


What is your mission and vision for your clients?

My Mission is for them to be a better and confident version of themselves.  Money is not everything BUT without money many goals cannot be accomplished. 

My Vision is a community of confident retirees.   Only if we are happy and confident, our spouse and our family will be happy and thus our community is better off.


Anything else you’d like people to know?

A lot of people retire to what they want to do whether it is raising grandchildren, golfing or volunteering for their beloved charitable causes etc.   Because I am doing what I really love to do every day, in a way, I am in retirement now.   



If you’d like to contact Alice Tang to learn more:


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