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How does Energy Medicine Work?

Energy Medicine works in a similar way to acupuncture, in that they stimulate or soothe various energy networks of the nervous system. 

Each flower or gem has an energetic healing pattern that vibrates in a unique set of frequencies. Just like a tuning fork works by entrainment - tap one fork and hold it next to a 2nd still fork and the 2nd begins to vibrate exactly like the 1st - when we take an essence, our body begins to vibrate to the pattern of the essence and we experience the qualities that essence embodies.


For example, one of my clients was always worrying about her children. So much so that she often stayed awake at night fearing all the things that could happen to them. Along with the Life Coaching Conversation, I gave her Red Chestnut Flower Essence. Within 2 days, she was sleeping well and feeling an inner peace and trust in the unfolding of her children’s lives. Over time, this became her new way of approaching motherhood.


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