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After Awareness

When I work with a client that’s just had a major breakthrough I know that the next step is integration. It’s one thing to “get” something, and it’s another to let go of old beliefs and habits that were built upon one’s previous understanding.


Here’s a simple homework assignment I find very useful.


As you consider a new way of thinking, notice old and negative thinking that keeps coming up for processing. For example, you’ve released the pain around an abusive parent that put you down and you now understand that you are good enough, but you still hear that old voice that says, “I can’t or I’m stupid or I’m afraid…”.


So here’s the assignment: every time you hear it

1. Acknowledge that old voice and words

2. Imagine scooping up those negative thoughts and throwing them into a bonfire 

3. Then watch them quickly burn up and release; transformed


And keep doing it until they are no more!


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Cheers to happier days ahead!