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Lots of research has been done on forgiveness. When we hold anger, resentment, and emotional pain, our brain compartmentalizes the pain. We dissociate emotional parts of ourselves which literally changes our body’s chemistry. This state has been shown to cause a variety of illnesses such as cancer. It also keeps us from learning and growing.


When we forgive, the pain is released; bringing deep insight and wisdom, and simultaneously transforming our experience back to a state of wholeness.


During the coaching process I have had the honor of witnessing forgiveness and the deep transformational changes that people make. They find answers to the important questions in their lives that previously kept them stuck.


So here’s a tip: When you feel stuck around something you want; and recognize feelings of anger, resentment, or low self-esteem; know that this is an opportunity to forgive yourself and others;to bring yourself back to wholeness. Forgiveness allows you to move forward with greater ease, openness, and self-worth – and come to terms with those issues that you need to understand “why?".