About Earth Sky

EarthSky Gem and Flower Essences empower you in your quest to expand and enrich your life, so you can live life well.


Our essences will help you to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Obtain mental clarity and focus
  • Increase vitality
  • Gain insights and wisdom
  • Renew hope, inspiration, and joy
  • Release fear
  • Build Confidence

We often refer to our essences as energy medicine, as they help create a strong foundation for healing, awakening and personal growth. Many illnesses and traumas originate from previous physical, mental and emotional experiences. Our essences work on these levels affecting the cause of disease and stimulating healing at the deepest level. They help you feel better and assist you in making better choices.


To address your areas of concern and reach new heights, we design customized gem and flower essences that heal, awaken and enrich your life. EarthSky Handcrafted Essences provide effective, safe and affordable tools to help you on your journey and provide the resources to tap into your own wisdom to self-actualize. Shop now>> 

About Diane, the Founder of EarthSky

As a Master Energy Medicine Practitioner, Diane Dreizen, has studied, created, and healed many individuals with Gem and Flower Essences for over 25 years.    


Diane first became fascinated with homeopathics when a friend offered her some arnica for a large bruise, which then “healed like magic”. She began to read and learn everything she could about them.


A few years later, another friend introduced her to flower essences, a branch of homeopathy that is particularly excellent for healing emotional stress, bringing mental clarity, and following the wisdom of your heart.


Years later, as a variety of crystals and stones with new mineral combinations and healing qualities began to emerge onto earth’s surface; Diane began to manufacture them as well. After studying, manufacturing, and healing with Gem and Flower Essences for many years, she now focuses on gems.

Diane teaches and writes about this subject as well.


Diane’s background includes studying Psychology at Ohio State University, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching at Erickson College International, and meditating for most of her life.


Diane is co-owner of EarthSky Gem and Flower Essences LLC and has a successful Career Life Coaching Practice in Portland Oregon, where she guides clients to reduce stress, tap into their own power and wisdom to self-actualize, and enjoy life.


In her private practice, she uses Energy Medicine in conjunction with Life Coaching as well as offering Energy Medicine Consultations with Individualized Formulas on an “as needed” basis. With her extensive background and experience, Diane pulls it all together to share her unique approach: Tap into Your Own Wisdom to Self-Actualize