Commonly Asked Questions

Can I mix and match essences?


Often we have more than one issue going on as the same time. The simple answer is YES.


There are however more complexities than that. Some essences work better together than others. One suggestion is to try one, then keep adding one at a time each day for as many as you like. If you add an essence and it doesn’t feel as good, then take it out of the mix and try another. The bottom line is what feels best to you.


Another suggestion is to blend those essences that relate to one overarching purpose. This way you won’t “scatter” the energy healing in too many directions at once. When you take lots of essences addressing unrelated issues, sometimes it can dilute the effectiveness. So choose 1 purpose and follow through until you’re done with that “round”; then move on.


What is the best way to choose essences?


The simplest way and best for beginners is to read the descriptions and pick what sounds most appropriate.


When you become more familiar with taking essences and are able to “tune in” to their more subtle effects, using your intuition is invaluable. Each essence or blend has what we like to think of as a whole “personality”. We like to keep our definitions simple; however, many formulas affect people in different ways; and in ways that are more complex. When you are able to use your intuition you can often come up with more specific combinations for yourself than just fit the written definitions.


Can I overdose?


No. Whether you take 7 drops or a whole bottle at once, the effects will be the same. The frequency at which you take them is what increases or decreases their effects. However, if you take doses too often you can become uncomfortable.