Experience Energy Medicine for Yourself

Many years ago I was very lucky to learn the Practice of Taoist Self-Healing Meditation from a Chinese   Master, David Cheng. We often asked him questions about what books we could read to learn more about what he was teaching us. He often said with a twinkle in his eye, “Americans read too many books. Throw your books away and experience for yourself – then you will know”. Although I am still an avid “read-a-holic” I took his words to heart. I continually practice suspending judgment and experiencing for myself. This is the only way to truly know.


And that’s how it is with Energy Medicine: you have to experience it for yourself.


Made from flowers, gems and water, energy medicines are subtle, yet profound healers on many levels. As an experienced practitioner, I have seen it many more times than I can count. see true stories


Energy Medicines reduce stress, connect us to a spiritual experience, and expand our awareness; they always   direct us to our life-purpose... In fact, after several years of working with   them I have come to realize that the biggest limitation is our own imagination of what we believe is possible!


Here are some of the things I know through experience: 

  • Gem and Flower Essences embody the wisdom of love in all its various forms 
  • They are often subtle, yet profound  
  • They work well for animals and babies who don’t even have a clue what they are taking them for 
  • They work even better when used with other modalities, such as meditation, herbs, yoga, or Life Coaching, than they do alone  
  • If you choose the wrong formula for you, it doesn't work. Try another. See about choosing  
  • You must take them consistently to get the best results
  •  Don’t just believe me, try them and see for yourself.

                                  -Diane Dreizen,

                                   Life Coach and Master Flower Essence Practitioner