General Use Guidelines for EarthSky Essences

We offer this information as   general usage guidelines, and as a way to enhance your essence experience and   gain the maximum benefit from these extraordinary healing tools.


The dosage is 7 drops, taken as needed. You can take the drops directly into your mouth or drop in a   small glass of water or juice. Larger amounts are not more effective and do not cause an “overdose”.


You can adjust the intensity of a remedy by how often you take it. The more often you take it,   the stronger it is.


These remedies can enhance and work well with other modes of healing, such as meditation,   massage, and coaching.


Although it isn’t necessary, many people find that a few moments of relaxation, meditation, or   affirmations right after taking their essence formula enhance the effectiveness.  


We recommend that you keep your EarthSky Essences away from sunlight.


What you can expect


Every person experiences the   effects of remedies in different ways as they journey for greater health and   well-being. One person might feel a wave of energy followed by clear calm.   Another might feel a release of pent-up emotions including a release of   associated pain. Others feel more inspired to creative expression, or make a   leap in spiritual growth. Some people just feel better and aren’t sure why.


For most people, their thoughts   and attitudes that create limiting patterns become more apparent. This   increased awareness becomes a tool and impetus for change. These remedies   lovingly and gently bring forth to your consciousness that which you need,   and are ready to explore, for your desired change.


Occasionally, individuals can   experience a worsening of symptoms before enjoying signs of improvement. This   phenomenon is referred to as a “healing crisis” and actually serves as an   indication that the remedy is working.


Because every one of us is   unique, we’ve found the best results are attained when formulas are created   specifically to match your needs at that time.


There are often times when a series of essences works best to encourage deeper changes.


It is not possible to become “addicted” to a flower essence. As you integrate the lessons of the   flower’s energy pattern, the effects of the essence become neutral.


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