True Stories

I share these experiences from some of my clients, so you can see how we help individuals find a solution that works for their particular needs, and help them on their journey to live life well.


Christmas Holiday Dread

Every year around Christmas time, one of my clients felt a sense of looming dread. She felt this way ever since a close friend of hers died on Christmas Day several years before. I suggested she take Scolecite on Apophyllite 2 times daily for about a month (1 oz bottle). She took it and within 3 days felt hugely better. The next year she reported that those feelings never came back. She still thinks of her friend around this time of year and without that sense of dread. She's able to enjoy the holiday season again!


Panic attacks

Dave gets panic attacks. He didn’t want to take medication and was looking for another resource beyond breathing into a paper bag for relief.

I suggested our Panic Attack formula and Dave experienced great results. Whenever he felt the beginning of a panic attack, he stopped and took 7 drops of Panic Attack. Having that essence was adequate to calm him down so he could move on. On occasion, he would repeat the dosage in 10 minutes and that would be perfect. Dave now carries a small bottle with him, and we’ve worked together to develop long-term strategies to help him reduce stress.




Don had trouble sleeping. He could stay up for hours lying in bed think, think, thinking.

I suggested he try our Emerald Essence 20 minutes before going to bed. A week later he reported that he easily fell asleep every night since he’d been taking it. No hangover, no side effects.



Decision making

One of my Life Coaching clients, Joyce, was in love with a man she had been dating for about 6 months.  When he proposed marriage she couldn’t make up her mind whether or not to marry him.

He clearly wanted children. She assumed she never would for 2 major reasons: She was diabetic and knew the risks involved, and she had strong career ambitions; she had no desire to be a stay at home mom.

She felt really stuck in circular thinking. Along with the coaching conversation I suggested Vanadinite to assist her to make a decision.

Within 2 weeks the answer was clear. With a little negotiation around child rearing, she decided it was worth the risk and said yes. 

That was 8 years ago. They have a healthy, happy 6 year old son and no regrets.




Rick was let go from a 20-year job. When he started taking Release Fear, he’d been out of work for over two years. Although he was doing everything he could think of to get a job, he was often knocked off his feet from fear of poverty and lack of confidence.


He started consistently taking the Release Fear formula twice a day and by the end of the second day, he was feeling great. He reported feeling more positive and stronger. The formula enabled him to put one foot in front of the other and keep going and as a result, he was more productive. When I last spoke with him, he had an interview and connections for potential contracts.



Stage fright

Sally had an important presentation coming up and was feeling scared. She had previous experiences of shaky legs, trembling voice, and fear of forgetting what she was going to say. She didn’t want to go through that again! I suggested she start taking Stage Fright two days before the presentation.


Sally called me right after the event to tell me how well it went. She felt clear, grounded, confident, and said her words just flowed. She was really pleased.


After that, she used the formula in the same way for a series of presentations with the same great results. After that, she decided she didn’t need it anymore because she now felt confident enough to do it on her own. And, she was keeping the formula just in case. 



Nervous energy

Sandy had a child care home business. She took care of up to seven babies under the age of two. She was good at what she did but had to spread her energy carefully between them. She often had a few babies that were with her for many hours a day. Sometimes they cried themselves to sleep for a nap or cried for 10 minutes after they were dropped off. Some had temper tantrums and she just allowed them to go on until they were done. She really cared about each baby yet felt bad that she couldn’t give more attention to one or another.


I suggested she try putting Tibetan Amber in a spray bottle and mist the room twice a day. After doing this for a couple of weeks she called me gushing with excitement. All her babies were happier. They cried less and cooed more. There were less tantrums and crying too! And she felt so much better.



Overwhelmed and confused

Tina was feeling overwhelmed. In fact, she was often feeling overwhelmed.


We met to identify the issues at hand.  When I had enough information about what was going on, we quieted our minds and I walked her through a visualization/meditation experience. As she came to center, she gained clarity and was able to more clearly express what she needed.


I intuitively chose a combination of Gem and Flower Essences and made a tincture specifically for Tina, which she took daily. When I saw her again, she told me about how much the essences had helped her. She felt clear and finished a long-time project she previously felt too overwhelmed to handle.


She was then strong enough to move on to another issue that bothered her and we devised a personalized formula for that. For Tina, it was a journey toward her personal healing. Individual consultations



Depleted energy

Sheryl is a hard working single mom. She has a hard time just being with her kids in the evenings, after work, because she’s “sooo burned-out”. She found the EarthSky Vitality Essence on the shelf at Amrita Yoga Sanctuary in Portland, Oregon, and decided to give it a try.


As soon as she got home from work and settled in, she took five minutes for herself. She closed the bedroom door, sat down and took the Vitality Essence. She just sat there and allowed herself to feel the initial effects of the essence. Then, she was able to move on.


After doing this for a week she sent me an email telling me her story and thanking us for this wonderful formula. She felt refreshed, energetic and playful with the kids. She also noticed that she was less reactive and more able to pay attention to what her family needed.