Master List of Essences

Unless otherwise indicated below (see General Usage for more information)

Suggested directions; adjust accordingly:

Take 7 drops | 2x daily 


The Wisdom to Accept What Is.


Acute Injury Formula is designed to be used at the beginning of the massage session, encouraging the client to let go of pain; assisting the therapist’s work to go deeper and to be more effective.
*Taken twice daily this formula will promote easier sleep and quicker recovery.



Aegerine essence is all about power with integrity.  Increases the flow of energy through the spinal column.  Builds a protective energy field around the body.  We've gotten feedback that this essence can reduce some types of pain.



Assists you to manifest your heart's desire.  Wholeness and Abundance.  This stone is great to meditate with, offering graditude for what is good in your life, then notice how good you feel.


Chronic Pain Formula is designed to be given to the client immediately before treatment to encourage deeper and longer lasting effects from the massage.



I recommend that you “Clear” the energy of  Shamanic Formulas every few months – just like with healing crystals. This formula can also be used for Gems and Clearing Spaces



Brings Protection from negative energies of all kinds; Physical Strength, Focus, Clarity, and Personal Power with Heart-felt Integrity; increases Intuition, Strengthens Spiritual Connection and Healing Powers.  Dragon Heart’s Amplifies other healing energies and Increase the Flow of Energy through the Spine. Uplifting, brings the Love of Life, and Reduces Depression.



Reconnect – Inspire - Ignite


Indications: Hopelessness, difficulty making choices, feeling weighed down, or nightmares.


Results: Reconnect to what you love, inspires creativity, reignites hope and dreams.

           Make good choices easily.



Elestial Calcite Essence was made from a form of calcite only found in the sand dunes of Arizona’s Mohave Desert. This remedy is all about healing emotional pain that originated out of your genetic past, both conscious and unconscious.


First, Elestial Calcite Essence gently opens the heart space bringing a sense of peace. As clear perception and heightened self-awareness come to the surface, it then goes straight to the root of the problem and breaks up blockages that keep us stuck. It soothes and calms the nervous system and finally clears out the old patterns.


This Elestial Calcite Essence allows for a fresh start and blossoming of the heart that can only come from letting go of old family patterns. It is a catalyst to improve one’s situation. It reinforces confidence in self-direction and discernment to trust appropriately. This EarthSky Essence also eases pain, supports the adrenals for vitality, softens the aging process due to rigidity, and soothes unidentified stress.


Find True Love - Harmony - Life Purpose

Indications: Difficult relationships. Feeling unloved or “I’m not good enough.”
Sleepless from thinking and worrying. Mild depression, lost sense of purpose, feeling scattered.
Results: Finding work that feeds your soul, true love, and creating harmonious relationships.Uplifting calm sleep



Offers Protection from Unseen Negative Physical Energies and Helps one to Feel Safe and Secure.  This “Warrior Stone” is grounding and centering, Brings Clarity and Courage.  It increases Third Eye Perception and Intuition; Enhances Ability to Communicate with Nature Spirits, Experience Lucid Dreaming, and Increase Psychic Senses.  Fairy Cross Counters Fear and Increases Self-Respect; to Treat Oneself Better as well as Regenerating the Body after Abuse.


The Ability to Meet all Challenges with Courage and Grace, Focus and Power.  The Courage to Grow into One’s Life Purpose.


Move beyond Grief and Guilt through Forgiveness.



For loneliness, sadness and grief, or depression, especially around the holidays.vHoliday Blues will assist you to feel a soft and soothing support with love and joy.



Dispels heaviness of mind and body, while promoting Kapha's natural contentment, stability, and calm. Breaks up congestion and energetically strengthens the organs of the heart and lungs.


This essence was made from sacred Lakota Cinnabar Pipe Stones. They are about choosing peace and respect for the greater good, true compassion for all creatures and nature; do no harm.   Peace, respect, forgiveness; we are all One.  This essence brings in spiritual guidance and cleanses the energy field. It allows creativity to flow with love, and assists one to come to terms with unfinished emotional issues including ancient karmic patterns.


...Of what is No Longer Needed... Old Pain, Beliefs, Patterns and Concepts. For some it’s time to let go of grief or “stuff” that gets in the way. For others it might be pre-conceived notions about “shoulds”. The purpose of this formula to Become More Alive, Flexible and Resourceful; to Enjoy Life For What It Is.



To recognize that when we move through emotional pain for the purpose of accomplishing something, it gives us the power to create something better for the greater good. This tincture also gives us the courage and protection we need along this path.


Envision, Manifest and Draw Abundance.

This formula is designed to be taken by the therapist to prevent the exchange of negative energy between therapist and client. Because it centers and grounds the therapist, building healthy energetic boundaries and the ability to be neutral, this formula empowers the therapist to increase their mastery. This works great for any type of health care worker.

Move Quickly with Ease into a Deep Meditative State. Stills the Mind and creates a Strong Protective Boundary.



The main ingredient in this formula is moldavite, a glassy stone that has only been found at one ancient meteorite site. There is a legend that the Holy Grail was made from moldavite glass.  If you’re unable to identify the roots of long-held imbalance or dis-ease, this is for you.  Moldavite is a “storm” energy blend that shakes things up to the surface for cleansing and change; breaks up those blockages and propels you straight down your spiritual path. Offers spiritual connection and support for change, expands awareness for your highest destiny, deepens meditation, activates lucid dreaming, and spiritual healing.



Mt Shiva Quartz is all about refreshing, renewing, and rejuvenating.

This clear sparkly quartz has a very pure, sweet, and loving energy that is deeply grounding and spiritually uplifting at the same time. It reawakens each and every cell of the body and every chakra to remember its “original state of perfection”; then assists the body to repair and rejuvenate to that state.


A fast acting formula to Soothe and Calm.
It brings your Energy In and Down for Grounding.



Balances fire-related issues of indigestion and emotions such as over-reactivity, anger, impatience and irritability.  Promotes clear perception, sensitivity, cooling, calming, and blossoming of the heart.


When sprayed at the beginning of a massage session, then again in approximately 20 minutes, this formula encourages the client to relax and to be more receptive to help.


Release Fear to Reduce Stress, find Clarity, Focus and the Ability to Make Good Choices.


Appreciation of Love and Beauty


Fills the heart with appreciation of Love and Beauty, soothes emotional stress, dissolves loneliness, grief, and depression reawakens Gratitude for Life.


Our remedy made from Scolecite on Apophyllite enamates a sweet and gentle, uplifting appreciation of life, renewal and hope. It counters depression and anger, thoughts of suicide and/or violence; through a sense of tranquility and peace.

Scolecite on Apophyllite encourages you to pay attention to your heart when making decisions and to feel oneness with nature.  Over time it stimulates new ideas, creativity, and intuition.






To be Fully Present and Solidly Grounded. To Express Oneself Easily with Confidence and Clarity of Purpose. 



Staurolite is a traditional Shamanic Stone also referred to as the “Warrior Stone”. It instills courage and increases your ability to “listen” at a deeper level. Encouraging “one step at a time” it counters fear and increases self-respect.


Those who know the pain of abuse and depression will especially appreciate this stone. Staurolite Gem Essence immediately grounds, centers and soothes.


This powerful gem elixir brings mental clarity and insight by allowing you to see the truth of your situation from a place of safety.  It creates an energetic field covering the chest like a shield against others’ aggression, bringing an attitude of self-preservation and encouragement to regenerate after abuse.


Unconditional Nurturing Love, Activates Healing


Indications: Slow recovery from illness, loneliness, grief, sadness or depression. Babies acting dull

Results: Provides a soft, soothing, and nurturing sense of security. Brings Mother and Baby together, playfulness, and catalyst to speed up healing



This rare and unusual formation is made up of twin quartz crystals each containing a red hematite phantom.


Twin Phantom Quartz expands individual consciousness to embrace the understanding that humanity in all its diversity is One and that we are all connected. This stone is about transforming the world through the heart. It encourages heroes to step forward, to find one’s purpose through world events, to gather strength in numbers, and loyalty to purpose.


Twin Phantom Quartz is the perfect remedy for agoraphobia, feelings of loneliness, a sense of being disconnected, or the attitude that “it’s me against the world”. Twin Phantom Quartz calms the nervous system, connection to community and humanity, freedom from loneliness, courage to face the world, and wisdom to embrace abundance and diversity.



Strengthens and centers prana (life-force) while promoting mental clarity, grounding, and calm.  Aids in proper elimination and sound sleep.



Vanadinite gathers energy to the sacral chakra for vitality and feeling solidly “centered”. It then firmly connects this area with the heart and mind, reducing “mind chatter” and bringing focus, sureness and clarity to good decision making. With this new vitality and sureness of direction, it encourages you to act upon your decisions with optimism.



Move from “burn-out” to Refreshed. Brings Vitality on all levels.


Taken at the beginning of the massage session, this formula reduces anxiety and trauma associated with whiplash, encouraging quicker healing and increases integration of the massage.

When you’re ready to Improve Your Life, this is a great addition to whatever else you’re doing. This formula Reinforces Resolve, Determination and Discipline.