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Diane guides, encourages, and empowers people to succeed both professionally and personally


Open up to new possibilities. Reach your full potential for growth and success.


Tap into your deepest KNOWING to find clarity and wisdom, build effective strategies, and stay-on-track to succeed. Through this process you gain self-esteem, confidence, and fulfillment.


Challenging Questions Diane guides her clients to answer:


   What is my next best career or business move?

   How can I stay on track to reach my goals?

   How can I become more effective?


       parenting, and/or



   How can I reduce stress and find balance?

   Who am I? What is my life purpose?

   How can I move beyond my fears?



Are you thinking like a worker bee instead of a leader?

Holly was a highly intelligent, passionate, and capable executive director of a growing non-profit. She came to coaching because she was overworked and overwhelmed; her board of directors was pressuring her on a number of issues related to growth, and without understanding fully what was going on in the “front lines”, they were demanding things that involved more work hours and effort.


Holly recognized that she was thinking more like a “worker bee” than a leader; often doing a lot of the “grunt work” herself. She was also on a short fuse and was being reactive when her staff asked her to make decisions they could make themselves. read more>


We started with 

Are you stressed-out from taking your work problems home?

Maggie said, "My job is really stressing me out. The higher I move up the ladder, the less I like my job. My work is important to me and I do a great job, but it's intense. My husband is very supportive and spends lots of time with our kids, but I want to enjoy seeing them grow up too!"

I asked, "What specifically about your job is causing stress?" read more>

You earn good money, but are you satisfied?

What gives your life meaning? Are you in the right profession? What is your true calling?

Sandra was highly educated and earned an excellent salary as a computer engineer. She was reluctant to give up her high-earning position, but dreaded going to work and always came home “burned-out”. She wasn’t happy and she wasn’t satisfied...read more>

Do you wish you had more confidence?

Bill came to me with this problem: “My counselor and I are “stuck” trying to figure out what’s wrong with me; I have so little confidence...read more>

Do you have a great idea, yet can't find the time to get it started?

John had an idea for a new product that could make him wealthy. Problem was, he was so busy earning a necessary living that he couldn't figure out how to even get enough time for his family, let alone to develop and produce this product. He was always tired and sometimes overwhelmed...read more>

You are such an amazing catalyst. You are able to take me to the heart of the matter in no time at all. There is a surprising sense of clarity and knowingness that arises.

- BK, Portland, OR


"... I brought up the hope to do my life work with a life partner… within a month I found myself in a relationship with the most incredible woman I have ever met.  Is it a coincidence that every issue I brought to Diane was mysteriously resolved in the most spectacular manner imaginable?  I think not.  Diane Dreizen is truly one of the best kept secrets in the world of coaching.


                                                          - David Smith, Connecticut


I just wanted to thank you for the push to make my appointment with my advisor and turning in a draft of my paper. It was a good meeting but more importantly the relief I felt not having this weight on my shoulder for the past several years was lifted. I am very optimistic about the future and opportunities I believe there are out there for me now.

                                                                      - KB, Portland


“Diane has been instrumental in coaching me toward a better understanding of what motivates me, what I really want, and what I have to offer. Her third party approach makes me realize I have the power, I just need to learn how to harness it.”

                                                                  - JG, Portland, OR


Diane’s listening skills and her acute intuition have been a key factor in her helping me with my career and personal life.  I was amazed by the flower/mineral essences that were put together specifically for what I needed.  I was a bit skeptical at first and was so excited that they work!   The one essence helped with my cravings and another helped me to relax. 

Diane’s knowledge, professionalism and calming demeanor are attributes to being a very good and successful life coach.  I would highly recommend her for both life coaching (getting unstuck), and the use of her flower/mineral essences.


                                                                        - L. Landrum, Beaverton, OR


I just wanted to thank you again for brainstorming with me today. It was very helpful and encouraging. It's exciting to think my dreams can actually come true. I'm looking forward to our next session.

                                                                         - CB, Portland, OR


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