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Do you wish you had more confidence?

Confidence is not just having the experience of doing something well, or praise from others…

Bill came to me with this problem: “My counselor and I are “stuck” trying to figure out what’s wrong with me; I have so little confidence.”

Bill had a harshly critical father who put him down a lot. He’d done well for himself in many ways but still had low self-esteem in some areas. He’d been to a number of counselors over the years and was tired of talking about the past. He felt “stuck” in his career because he didn’t have the confidence to “move up” even though he had the expertise, ability, and desire.

For the next 6 months our primary goal was to build confidence, particularly in relation to his next career move.

During our 3rd session, I suggested, “Maybe there’s nothing wrong with you at all.” Then I asked, “In what types of situations do you feel low self-esteem?”

He quickly realized it was when he was not being true to himself. He was “playing the game” at his present job, and didn’t really respect the management. He went along with some important things that he didn’t feel good about; so he wasn’t being honest with them or true to himself.

Over the next few months, I helped him to build his confidence in a number of ways:

By releasing old pain and beliefs that held him back,
Assisting him to tap into his deepest KNOWING and act out of that place. And by
Creating and practicing new ways of “doing” and “being”.

In the following months, he thanked me several times for helping him to be confident by doing and saying what he believed was right.

Bill found a “much better job” with a company he respected. Last time I heard, he had moved up into a position he wanted and was very happy. 

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