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Do you have a great idea, yet can't find the time to get it started?

John had an idea for a new product that could make him wealthy. Problem was, he was so busy earning a necessary living that he couldn’t figure out how to even get enough time for his family, let alone to develop and produce this product. He was always tired and sometimes overwhelmed.

He wanted me to help him get on track and to keep him there; “I can’t see the forest for the trees”.

The first thing we did together was visualize what he ultimately wanted, what it meant to him, and who he wanted to be in order to actualize his dream. Over time, he developed that vision in crystal clear detail. He saw stages of implementation and what was needed at each stage, how his role would change and what impact he wanted to have; and how and what he would delegate to others.

Time management was a key element for John. He designed a daily calendar of priorities (which he continually honed) and “project goals” into the future.

John became highly efficient. Learning to let go of some control in order to delegate work to other competent people was more of a challenge. We spent time defining what qualities he was looking for in others, and what expectations he had for them, so he could make the very best choices when hiring.

No matter what the subject, a continuous thread throughout our conversations was how he could spend more time with his family and relax. He continually brought his life into more balance and got better and better at maintaining that, no matter how much work there was in his business.

John began to shift his thinking from one of a “busy worker” to that of an entrepreneur and leader. His enthusiasm grew and kept him moving forward. He found great people to rely on as he reduced the number of hours he worked daily in his business.

We worked together weekly for a year. By then, John’s project was well on its way to being successfully implemented. He had developed the skills he needed to carry him into the future.

He now saw himself as a leader in his community with a mission that would positively impact millions of people. We still work together twice a month so John can be fully prepared to overcome challenges that arise in his new and fast paced world, and for the support he enjoys as he grows personally. He also hired me to work with a few of his employees, as he sees the value of “grooming” those around him, to be their best.

Using my time well is important to my business and personal success. Diane helped me to prioritize my time, let go of what’s not important, and to be more direct in getting projects done.

I feel lighter! Now “I stop to smell the roses” and enjoy life more!


Portland, OR