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Are you stressed-out from taking your work problems home?

Maggie said, "My job is really stressing me out. The higher I move up the ladder, the less I like my job. My work is important to me and I do a great job, but it's intense. My husband is very supportive and spends lots of time with our kids, but I want to enjoy seeing them grow up too!"

I asked, "What specifically about your job is causing stress?"

As she thought about it, she came up with the number one problem, "I'm always on the job, even on my days off."

I asked, "Is it necessary?"

To my surprise, without hesitation, she said, "no". And that was the window of opportunity!

During the following months we worked together to shift her life style.

  • She designed her "Ideal Calendar", which in her words was "a big deal". She scheduled in the hours that she wanted to work (the ones she was getting paid for), and blocked in time for family and friends, vacations, and playing her violin.
  • She used Yoga to transition out of work (daily) - to slow down and to be more "present" with her family.
  • She made a decision not to focus on any work projects at home. She designated her cell phone only for work. And when she left, she turned it off. (She bought another one for personal use)
  • She learned to say "no" to extra work projects that she couldn't handle during work hours.
  • She learned to trust her employees to take on more responsibility - and they did!

Her stress levels went down within a few months, then progressively more so over time.

And to her surprise, she was offered another promotion! She negotiated for a full-time assistant and got one. This time she was happy with the promotion; more money, more help, and more independence!

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“Diane has been instrumental in coaching me toward a better understanding of what motivates me, what I really want, and what I have to offer. Her third party approach makes me realize I have the power…”

                                                     JG, Portland, OR