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You earn good money, but are you satisfied?

What gives your life meaning? Are you in the right profession? What is your true calling?

If you want a clear direction or the courage to take your next step; you’re in the right place...

Sandra was highly educated and earned an excellent salary as a computer engineer. She was reluctant to give up her high-earning position, but dreaded going to work and always came home “burned-out”. She wasn’t happy and she wasn’t satisfied.

When she came to me she was ready to explore her “life purpose”; she knew creativity was very important to her, but wasn’t sure what to do with it.

I guided her to explore what she loved in life; what gave her life meaning, what inspired her. She “took inventory” of her criteria and capabilities. We also addressed what might get in the way of her success.

After working together for about 4 months and exploring a number of options, she settled on the realization that architectural design of structures and spaces with particular attention to creating a spiritual feeling – “spaces to feed the soul” - was what she really wanted to do.

Not the end of the story: It would not be an easy decision to go back to school, and it took courage to “start all over”. Never the less, she knew if she wanted to live a meaningful life she had to do this for herself. She did the research and we worked on “courage”.

As things sometimes work out, she was laid off her job and the timing was perfect, so she went back to school.

Doing what we believe is right for us often isn’t the easiest road to travel, nor is it the quickest, but it is the most fulfilling. She is very happily back in school moving towards something she really loves and wants to do.
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“You’ve transformed my whole life! There’s no confusion now; I’ve created a whole new self-esteem.”

                                          - PD, Portland


In the fall of 2005, my life took a turn that forced me to take a closer look at myself and where I was headed. My aunt was in a networking group with Diane and really liked her. She suggested that I give her a call to see if it felt like a fit. Up until that point, I had met many career and life coaches, but never felt ready to take the plunge.  The moment I met Diane, I knew I wanted to work with her. She had a wonderful calming effect and made me feel safe as I shared my story. She had me complete an intake form and reviewed every inch of it with me making certain that she understood my goals, dreams and expectations of our time together. Diane conducted herself extremely professionally from the start while maintaining the comfort of a trusted friend. She started each session with an agenda but remained flexible and open to where ever the process took us. We used several effective imagery tools to get to the heart of issues and roadblocks. These methods allowed me to discover my own insights and solutions rather than rely on her to give me advice and direction. Just about every session involved “aha” moments and floods of revelation. I was amazed that all of it came from me. That’s how good Diane is, she draws out your truth and then helps you put it into action.  It has been a treat and a joy to work with Diane. Not only has she helped me uncover my true motivations, she’s helped lay down the path toward achieving my dreams.